With kinektt, you are able to find, create, and even join Christian events, Church services, small groups, and much more. You can find something near you or while you are on your next road trip. 



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You can create, find, or join circles, which are groups of at least three people, where you can message each other about activities, hangouts, and more.

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You only need one person to begin setting up a circle. You can tag people you already want to join, or send it out for others with similar interests to join you. 

Once three people join, you can begin sending messages to each other. You can also create hangouts or events from circles.

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              is a part of our faith


and is also a part of kinektt,


as you can create, share, and

join in on praying for each

other with our Prayer Wall.

Carlie Charp


Can you pray for me as I travel to Florida to see my family? Can you pray that I make it to Key West safely? 


Image by Mitchell Orr
Image by Elizeu Dias

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