1. Kingdom Focused

We believe in being a company built around the Kingdom of God. From the customer to the individual, from the individual to the teams, and from the teams to the company; Kinektt is here to engage in a Christian focused atmosphere that provides a safe place for Christian users to communicate, grow in their faith, and find new connections around the world.

2. Innovative

Everyone is open to introducing new ideas and being creative in thinking to bring out the best.

3. No Door Policy

This means open access to everyone in the company.

4. Empathetic

We are to treat every person with compassion and respect.

5. Keep it Simple

Keeping things simple while not allowing complexity to knock its way in during the tenure of Kinektt.

6. Trust

We believe in the reliability, truth, ability, and strength of our employees by their use of good judgment.

7. Transparency

Kinektt shares openly as an organization with uncommon levels of information to everyone in the company. Transparency does not mean democracy, and NDA (Non-disclosure agreements) are not disseminated as a result of being a transparent company.

8. Elevate

We believe in bringing in people that can teach us something and build Kinektt piece by piece.

9. Dare to be Different

We experiment above average and encourage failing forward while steering away from consistent failure. We do this through coaching, ongoing learning, and strategies to be a customer-centric company that is driven towards the result of building the Christian community.